Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Boredom

For being the shortest month of the year, February certainly seems to drag on forever, doesn’t it?, and it drags total boredom with it. Bored with the winter with everything brown and lifeless outside, and listless and lazy inside. Nothing in my head, my yard, my house or anyplace else to write about, so I’m going to have to pick on one of my kids. Let’s see….eeny, meeny, miney, moe…

You’re it

This is Florida brat or, as she likes to think of herself, FD#3. Don’t let the sweet looks fool you. I admit that although she did start out that way, always smiling and happy and willing to help with anything you needed, somewhere along the way she turned into the sarcastic, snippy, snide, kid that she is to this day. And I have no idea, no idea at all, where she got that from. Must be a bad gene in there somewhere.

Anyhow things were going along fine, school, college, job, marriage, house……. Then one day out of the blue, she said she and the old goat were moving to Florida. Florida, land of hurricanes, roaches the size of large dogs, surrounded by waters filled with alligators, sharks and who knows what else, all kinds of things to bite you, maim you, blow you into kingdom come, and they were leaving in a month. And they did.

Not content to just leave, after they got settled in she constantly had to tell me about all the sun, the warmth, the flowers that bloom all year long, sitting in the lanai, going fishing, and just rubbing it in every chance she got and there were many. But then along came Charley in August of 2004. Roaring up the Gulf Coast and causing big time major damage and mayhem not far from where she and the old goat lived. Fortunately, their area was spared the worst of it, but it did give me a chance to have a little pay back. So I sent her this

Didn’t do any good though. She’s still there, and still tells me about the wonderful life down there. To be honest, she does constantly invite me down, and tries to talk me into it by telling me how much I would love it and all the things we could do and the places we could go, but then in the next sentence she mentions something about taking me gator hunting. Hmmmm……I wonder what they’re planning to use for bait…….. Maybe I’ll just stay up here and be bored for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog. I bet she'll reply in full force. I remember that sweet darling little girl. Didn't realize she grew up with those bad seed genes. I think you might be just a little upset set they moved way down there where it's nice and warm, but I'm with you about the snakes, bugs and gators along with the hurricanes. Middle sis

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Flydragon, I love the postcard with the scattered belongings you sent your daughter! Hey, if you drove to Florida, you would come right by our house and Harriet could bring you your bedroom slippers, robe, newspaper and chocolate kisses!

Betty said...

Okay, so now you know why we live in Arizona...all the good weather and none of the bugs (too HOT for them to survive), none of the alligators (too DRY for them to survive), none of the hurricanes (well, we DO get monsoons; but, they're pretty tame compared to hurricanes). So, if you're looking to move, come on out this way. Oh, yeah, bring lots of sunscreen and a good fan!

Renie Burghardt said...

To tell you the truth, flydragon, if I had a daughter living in Florida right at this time, I'd take her up on the invitation, cuz I am sick and tired of the gray, the cold, the snow, the ice, the winds, and all the other bad stuff that goes along with winter!

Your daughter is cute in the picture!



Anonymous said...

You know, I am still very appreciative of the map. That was the only way I could find my house, car, and myself after Charlie. Anyway, I don't remember being that cute (or young, or helpful, or any of that other stuff). I do remember the other pic though, the one with the teeth missing! Kinda surprised that one didn't pop up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I would have responded sooner, but me and the old goat were out fishing and enjoying the sunshine.


Rudee said...

You know, they say apples don't fall far from the tree. If it were my daughter, I think I'd be in Florida too.

spookydragonfly said...

Great post, Flydragon, of course you had me laughing! Love the postcard!

Di said...

She's very beautiful. I think she looks like you. As far as the traits she has, hmmmm, seems to be a chip off the old block.:) You certainly have a lot of places you can visit. You could be a traveling woman. Go girl!

KALI said...

great boredom outlet...
'love the post! this is so cute and funny!!!
thanks for making me smile this morning :)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

that's weird, i don't remember any of those sweet little traits of hers. perhaps because i was hit over the head with a loaf of frozen bread once. yep, that could be why.

betty's advice is the best advice. pack up yer trash! we're movin' to phoenix!

flydragon said...

Darling?? I never said that!! And what makes you think I'm upset that she moved allllll the waaaaaay down there?

LOL, you're making it very difficult to pass up an offer of being catered to by my favorite poochie. I just might stay there and forget about the rest of the drive:)

That's just what my other daughter, Arizona Brat, says:)

Well after you went through that terrible ice storm a little while ago, I can't say I blame you. I think I would be headed out too.

Fla brat,
I'm having a hard time remembering all that sweet stuff too, and it has nothing to do with age, in case you were thinking of mentioning that.
I can always go back and add the pic with the missing teeth. And the drivers license one too.

It depends on just how large that apple tree is, and in this case...it's huge!!!!

I just couldn't resist that card, once she assured me everything was intact:)

Looks like me??? Well, that ought to send her into a depressed state:) You might be right about the chip off of the old blockhead though. Not saying for sure, but maybe.

I have to pick on someone when I'm bored. And who better than my own kids:))

The sweetie stuff was way before she changed and thus the frozen bread incident.
You do realize that when you move to AZ, you will become Arizona Brat #2, and therefore subject to all kinds of written abuse, don't you?

Brenda said...

Great thing to come up with for a post. I have been feeling the same blahness here in Missouri. Enough already with the browns and grays look. I need some warmth and color. I would be there faster than ...well whatever is fast. I have a friend in Florida and I just may have to go visit her. If my kiddos lived there, I would be scouting out a condo somewhere. I agree February and March are the longest!!!

flydragon said...

Hi Brenda,
As much as I dislike these months, I'm just not a traveler. Maybe I just need/like something to complain about:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Did she ever get her dog and her car back;)

If you don't want to go visit her, I'll go in your place. I can leave tomorrow.

flydragon said...

Everything's back where it belongs:))
You may go in my place. She is very generous and giving and will show you a good time....but remember...don't, I repeat DON'T agree to any gator hunt:)))

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, ha, you have me in tears laughing.

Susie said...

Girl, I think you need to go to FL for a visit, especially with Feb. dragging the way it is.

troutbirder said...

Up here on the tundra its called "cabin fever" and I've got a bad case right now.

flydragon said...

After visiting your blog today, I was laughing too. Laughing because you got all the snow and we didn't. Sorry about that:)

I'm afraid I'm just an ole stay at home, stuck in the mud type. And since it's been drizzling all day I mean that literally:)

Ha. I'm surprised you don't spend some of the winter down south with your love of fishing.

nicole said...

ha! you, your brats 1-4, and all their brats all have snide and sarcastic senses of humor.
we must get that bad gene from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the driver's license. Oh, what the heck, show them both. Everyone needs a good laugh. I crack up every time I look at either. By the way, noone has a pic of any attack with frozen bread, so I think you all imagined that one!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Funny what boredom and a little itsy bit of grey Feburary weather will do to you..but thanks for the smiles:)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

show the drivers license - show the drivers license! at least that was caught on film!

flydragon said...

Ah Hah, then that means Graciebaby also has it. Maybe it hasn't shown itself yet, but it will.

Fla brat,
I can't show the driver license one. I don't want to be responsible for people spilling coffee all over, choking and gasping for air, and falling off their chairs and maybe breaking their neck.

Far side,
February does bring out the worst in me:)

Can't for all the above reasons. Maybe you could on your blog.

TC said...

There's nothing quite like the loving words of a doting mother. I think you should show your love in a more expressive way by agreeing to a gator hunt the next time you're down visitin FD#3.

pumpkin said...

Right now it would be amazing to have someone, ANYone invite me for a visit to Florida! I don't know one soul who lives there, but I plan to find one. Washington State is having a gray, damp, dank, boring and just plain achy breaky a winter as I can stand. February is the worst month of the year (sorry for anyone who has a birthday in it, but mine's in January and that isn't any better.)

inadvertent farmer said...

ROFL...that picture of the hurricane is too funny! I would love to have their wonderful weather but I'm with you...I don't need the excitement of gators, bugs, and hurricanes. No I'll just sit here and watch February drag on and on and on...

flydragon said...

Yep, I am a doting mother, sometimes smothering them with my dotiness. (no that word wasn't in the dictionary but should be)
You think I should go on the gator hunt? I think you should go on the gator hunt with the Fla brat and the old goat. I'm sure I could arrange that for you.

1.Pick a Fla. city
2.Get a phone book
3.Pick a name
4.Call and say you're their long lost cousin pumpkin
5.Repeat above steps until an invite is extended (might take a while with that name)
6.You're on your way.
Piece of cake:)

Yeah, me too:) This is bound to come to an end. Right?

Dog_geek said...

If you get too bored, let me know and I'll send you a few border collie puppies. Not until after they have finished doing my taxes, though.

flydragon said...

Now I know border collies are very intelligent, but I think the only way they can help you with your taxes would be where you tell the IRS, "I was late because the dogs ate my homework...er I mean tax forms" Hmmmm....I'll have to add that one to my list of why I need a dog.

Rose said...

I'd be on a plane there in a minute, Flydragon! I agree February is the worst month of all. But you could spend two weeks visiting FD in Florida, and then another two weeks with FD in Arizona. Do the other FD's live some place warm as well? I've threatened my Arizona Daughter with moving in with her for the whole winter next year:)

By the way, has your car been dug out yet?

raccoonlover1963 said...

Sorry, but she can keep Florida. Been there, done that, OVER IT! Oh yeah, you forgot to mention jellyfish and fire ants. Vicious! I'll have to dig up my pictures of the hurricane damage in our neighborhood from Charley in 2004. And as for the year round heat...Do you know how depressing it is to go Christmas shopping in shorts?
Take care

flydragon said...

I agree I'm in a perfect situation to spend winter in warmer climes but I just don't like to travel. My other 2 FD's still live up here in Ohio but are starting to think about AZ. Still just thinking about it but they'll probably be going in a year or two. Brats!! And the car is finally free. The few warmer days last week melted all the snow. It snowed yesterday but nothing like the last time so the car's still good to go:)

Ha, I forgot about the fire ants. They did mention those. She never complains about Xmas shopping in shorts though:)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

just dropping by as an editor to correct your spelling... "dottiness" i believe would be correct.

flydragon said...

Watch yourself, girlie. I may not be doting but I'm also not dotty. Yet. Well, maybe just a tad.

Anna Lefler said...

Ha - great postcard! I can't believe she's lording Florida over you like that - no fair!

I have to say, as much as I love Texas, when we moved away I did NOT miss the giant cockroaches (whom I've been told migrated from Florida). [shudder]

:^) Anna

flydragon said...

Hey Anna,
She is such a brat.
And I guess in Fla. they call those giant roaches Palmetto Bugs. That doesn't sound any better to me:)

Rudee said...

In honor of the Academy Awards, I have given you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Please come to my place to fetch it back over here. And thanks for always making my day.

Rositta said...

If someone invited me to Florida right about now, alligators or not, I'd be on my way. My cousin who rents a house there every winter for two months has never once invited us to come down, even for a few days, sucks...ciao

flydragon said...

Well that's not very nice that she doesn't invite you for a visit. I get invited, but don't go:)