Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aw Shucks, You Shouldn't Have

A very funny but very misguided blogger over at The Knitting Nurse has gone and done the unthinkable. She has included me in her list of bloggers to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. What was she thinking, or not thinking in this case? Hey Rudee, are you on drugs?

As we all know when accepting awards, high fashion, impeccable make up and gorgeous hair-do's are not optional but required, not to mention cleanliness, as in taking a shower first. And since I am still sitting here in my robe, don’t have a Dior (or any other gown or even a dress in my wardrobe), and my hair is a definite hair-don’t, I’m afraid I cannot in good conscience, bad conscience, or any other state of consciousness, accept this honor. And if that isn’t enough, although it certainly should be, I also don’t have, nor can I think of, anything that even comes remotely close to an acceptance speech. So…when I said “You shouldn’t have” I meant that literally and decline I must.

But not to be outdone, I will in turn, give to her the “Full of hot air” award.

I think in this situation it just might fit, but if for some reason you don’t feel that you deserve this,
you may of course immediately pass and just ignore it or send it to someone else. And there are no rules to follow for this one, seeing that I just made it up, although it wouldn’t surprise me if there really was one of these awards “floating” around out there somewhere.


Di said...

Sorry dear, but you must accept this award graciously. You are definately very creative and very, very entertaining. I'm sure all your followers will agree with me on this one. Thanks for all the smiles. :) :) :) :) :)
love ya!

Rudee said...

Oh, I see somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed-if she even got up. Nope, I gave you the Kreative Blogger Award and I'm not taking it back. Although I know you don't have an acceptance speech, that's no excuse not to keep the damn thing.

I haven't received too many awards in my year or so of blogging, but I can't think of anything more perfect than the one you pulled out of your hat (and you said you weren't dressed). I never thought of myself as blowing hot air, but now that I think about it, I guess I do. Thank you, I accept.

beckie said...

Flydragon, I find your posts most certainly creative! While you may not see it(or admit it)we who regularly read you find your views of life very entertaining.

So say, "thank you and you love me. You really love me!"

Dog_geek said...

Congrats on your award, even though you are attempting to refuse accept it. you are definitely a creative... I mean, kreativ(?) blogger!

Anonymous said...

You tickle me Flydragon! And, I actually think that "full of hot air" award should belong to Harriet!
Hey, my word verification is BEACO; I first thought it said BEANO!

Betty said...

This is my third try to post a comment...hope you don't get duplicates!

Well-deserved award...and such a nice non-acceptance speech!

Your humor keeps me coming back for more.

My word verification is tastenc...sounds like a motto for the restaurants in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that you would come up with the "Full of hot air" award. Did you look in the mirror before making that one up??????

FD#3 (I may have to strike the F)

Brenda said...

Well, Rudee told me I could come over and get mine without clothes and stuff, or something like that. I forget her exact words.
Making up our own awards should be fun. I'll take the initiative someday, and possibly swipe your Hot Air Award. Ha!

flydragon said...

Define gracious, because that certainly sounds like something I'm not:)

If you call getting tangled in the covers and practically falling out of bed as getting up, then yes I did. Which probably has something to do with my dishelveled appearance this morning. Or not.
I'm so glad you decided to keep the award I gave you. I thought long and hard (3 minutes tops) about one that might fit right in with your way of thinking.
Okay, okay, I'll keep the damn award as soon as I figure out how to move it from there to here, and you know how computer illiterate I can be when it's needed:)

Alright, I'll say "thank you", but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to say the rest of it:)

Okay, I accept the fact that I am attempting to refuse it.

Is that little Harriet giving you some "toots". That's probably why you thought it said Beano instead of Beaco. LOL

Glad you liked my non-acceptance non-speech.
Word verifications crack me up sometimes. That's the only reason I require them on my blog:)

No I didn't, I just thought of you for a second and there it was. And I'm amazed that you're amazed.

LOL, that sounds like Rudee.
Anytime you want the "full of hot air award", just swipe away:)

spookydragonfly said...

You definately have a creative flair for wit! Congrats on your deserving it or not!

flydragon said...

Hi Spooky,
Thanks, blush blush.
I'm glad you came to comment because I wanted to mention that when I've been to your last 3 or 4 posts there was no comment link. I don't know if it's just my connection or if you removed the comment part on those. Anyhow, I loved all the photos you had posted!!

Renie Burghardt said...


You're such a hoot! I have several awards in my files that I never posted yet, and forgot who gave some of them to me. I am uncomfortable receiving them and then I hate to just chose a few to pass it on to, etc. But your non-acceptance really tickled my funny bone, and Rudee is always a funny lady as well!

Enjoy that award. You deserve it for sure!!!



Muddy Boot Dreams said...

A very "creative" way to accept such a lovely award.

Great post.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well at least you said something and didn't streak naked across the stage or just stand around and bawl.
You have a great blog here, it deserves many awards! :)

flydragon said...

I always try to decline anything/everything with humor. I figure it you can make them chuckle, they don't take offense. Doesn't always work of course:)

I thought I was non-accepting:))

And how do you know I didn't do those exact same things over here??

Rose said...

Flydragon, if anyone deserves this award it's you! I think you should follow Shirley MacLaine's example a few years ago when accepting her Oscar: "Thank you, I deserve it!"

Love your new award--fortunately, I can't think of anyone I would award it to, though:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'd like present you with an award for longest period of hibernation existing only on chocolate products. You can't refuse that.

flydragon said...

lol, I had forgotten about Shirley MacLaines unique statement:)
No one you know is full of hot air??

I'm afraid you got me on that one. Tell me, is this award shaped like a Hersheys Truffle Kiss??

Anna Lefler said...

Congrats on the award! I think you are very kreativ.

I, on the other hand, am completely full of hot air.

:^) Anna

TC said...

Now I know why there's a slight musky smell of body odor wafting around when I come here. ;~P

flydragon said...

Evidently all that hot air makes you extremely funny. Doesn't seem to work that way for me though.

Be glad you're only as close as your computer. Very glad.